Most Commonly Asked Questions to Florence Fashion Tour

Florence Fashion Tour’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions We Receive About Our Fashion Services

Find a list of the most frequently asked questions for Florence Fashion Tour. People often ask us about our service details, availabilities, payments, and meeting points.

Our prospective customers also inquire about our methods, language support, and staff. Other frequently asked questions are also centered on our supplementary services.

You can always contact us if you don’t find the answer you are looking for. We will get back to you shortly.

Who Are Your Services for?

Our services respond to the needs of a wide group of people. As a matter of fact, they are designed for all individuals to enjoy and learn about fashion in Florence or online.

The customers who frequently join our services include:

  • Families with children (with our babysitting service)
  • Pre-college and college students wanting to know more about the Italian fashion industry behind closed doors
  • Professionals looking for career and personal advancement
  • Groups of friends searching for a fun activity to do in Florence
  • Couples 
  • Parents and their daughters/sons
  • Sisters
  • Tourists
  • Solo Travellers
  • Anniversary, birthday, wedding, and bachelorette celebrations
  • Companies

Which Languages Are Your Services in?

Even if our services are carried out mostly in Italian and English, with an additional fee, we offer supplementary support in the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Arabic

Will I Like the Stores You Bring Me to During the Shopping Tours?

Before the tour, our team will contact you and send you a short questionary to fill out.

We will ask you about your style, budget, approximate size, and height, and more to make sure you will be satisfied with our service.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any particular requests.

A personal shopper in Florence shows a dress to a client

How Much Will I Spend During the Shopping Tour?

That depends on your budget. We have a wide range of shops we can bring you to, from 30 euros upwards.

On Your Tours, How Much Walking Is There?

Usually, we walk an average of 1 km on our tours. Therefore, it’s recommendable that you wear comfortable shoes. If you wish, we also provide a supplementary chauffeur service.

Where Do We Meet Our Tour Leader?

To make things easy, our tour leader will meet you outside your accommodation in Florence. Details will always be sent to you by email before the tour. The tour leader will be there to support and help you throughout the duration of the tour.

Can You Help Me Find My Wedding Dress?

Sure, we can. Our personal shoppers are always happy to help brides find the wedding dress of their dreams in Florence. 

What Kind of Merchandise Can We Expect on the Shopping Tours?

The shops we work with have different kinds of merchandise. At the moment, we offer the opportunity to purchase merchandise from Florentine fashion designers, international luxury brands, vintage vendors, and local artisans.

You can choose from jewelry (fashion to fine), bags, shoes, leather goods, women’s, men’s, and kid’s clothing (contemporary, classic, dressy, and casual), and fragrances

A woman shops at a trendy store in Florence, Italy

Do You Offer All Sizes During the Shopping Tours?

We try to accommodate all body types. Please let us know in advance if you have any particular requests.  

How Can I Pay for Your Services?

Payments can be made in advance through PayPal, wire transfer, credit card, or cash in-person before the service starts (please bring exact change if possible).

The shops and showrooms we visit also accept credit cards and cash to make it convenient for you.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Yes, we do offer refunds if you cancel any of our services 24 hours in advance.

Is Florence Famous for Fashion?

Florence is famous all over the world for fashion and style. It’s the city where Made in Italy was born thanks to Giambattista Giorgini in the ’50s.

I Can’t Travel to Florence. Does Your Organization Provide Online Fashion Classes?

Of course, it does. FFT offers for those who can’t be with us in Florence an online image consulting and closet organizing masterclass. This way, you will enjoy our services comfortably from your home!

How Much Does It Cost?

That depends on the type of service you choose. We like to be transparent. Please see this page to be aware of the prices of our tours and consultancies

Is a Fashion Tour a Good Idea As a Birthday or Anniversary Present?

Definitely! Many people choose our tours as birthday or anniversary gifts for their spouses.

I Only Have One Day in Florence. Why Is It a Good Thing to Book Your Services?

Because you will get to tour Florence off the beaten path with local personal shoppers.

I Am Only Accompanying my Wife/Husband on the Shopping Tour. Do I Have to Pay?

Unfortunately, if you join the shopping tour you will have to pay for it.

Contact FFT Florence Fashion Tour in Florence

Contact FFT in Florence for further information about our fashion services.

We would be happy to answer all of your questions regarding our services in Florence or online.

You can also call our office in Florence directly at +39 3383823126.

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