Private Florence Food Tour with FFT

Taste Authentic Florentine Cuisine with Professional Guides

Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the delicious Tuscan cuisine while visiting the artisans of Florence with our professional guides.

Florence Fashion Tour organizes a special private food tour in Florence with professional guides combining the best culinary spots in the city with artisan shop visits.

Enjoy Florence Excellent Cuisine and Superb Craftsmanship

Florence has a long and rich tradition of excellent Italian cuisine and superb craftsmanship.

On the unique Food Tour that FFT offers in Florence with qualified guides, you will taste deliciously authentic Florentine foods and meet some of the best local craftsmen in Italy.

In particular, Florence Fashion Tour will take you to an area, on the left bank of the Arno river, called Oltrarno (which means beyond the Arno). This district welcomes some of the most celebrated restaurants, bakeries, and gelato shops, together with the most experienced artisans in the country.

Experience Authentic Florentine Foods and Artisan Crafts on FFT‘s Itinerary

In 2017, Oltrarno was named by the renowned travel guidebook Lonely Planet as the Coolest Neighborhood in the World.

Therefore, FFT‘s unique Food and Artisan Experience in Florence is an invaluable opportunity to experience the best selection of authentic local foods, with access to artisans behind the scenes.

A group enjoys a nice and typical Florentine meal in Florence


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What is Included in Our Special Food Tour in Florence?

Our tour of the best local foods and artisan studios in Florence is a cultural experience as it offers a very exciting outlook on Italian cuisine and the Florentine lifestyle.

A tour of the most delicious Florentine dishes with Florence Fashion Tour includes:

  • A culinary expert escorting you throughout the tour. He/She will take you to the planned stops, act as a translator, problem solver, and guide leader;
  • Three hours of exclusive culinary experience, with the chance to taste local, fresh, high-quality, Italian dishes and visit some of the most famous Florentine craftsmen;
  • In addition, we offer a wide range of supplementary services.

Who is FFT’s Food Tour in Florence For?

The food tours that we provide respond to the needs of many different people, including families with children and solo travelers.

A culinary experience in the Florentine Oltrano with FFT is perfect for:

  • Solo travelers wanting to discover authentic Florentine dishes with an expert local’s guidance;
  • Families with children seeking educational and engaging activities to do together in Florence;
  • Any food and craftsmanship lovers who want to meet experienced artisans and taste delicious Florentine specialties;
  • Those who wish to experience Florence like locals.
A group has a typical Italian breakfast in Florence, Italy

Competitive Prices of Our Food Tour in Florence with Artisans’ Visits

FFT offers a special tour combining the best Italian foods with engaging artisans visits in the Oltrarno district of Florence. Above all, our walking tours provide a unique experience in Florence at a reasonable price.

Prices start at 190,00 per person and it includes a qualified guide/culinary expert for three hours showing you around the unique restaurants, bakeries, gelato shops and artisans of Oltrarno.

Usually, this is the itinerary for our food tour with artisans’ visits in Florence:

  • The guide will meet you outside your accommodation;
  • You walk together to an artisanal, local forno (bakery) to sample the best Florentine focaccia bread, biscotti, cantuccini and more (depending on what’s available seasonally);
  • After that, you explore some of the most famous artisan shops in town, including paper marbling, jewelry making and tailoring;
  • Then, you will enjoy an Italian aperitivo with high-quality cured meats and artisanal cheeses with Tuscan wine pairings;
  • In the end, you will visit a famous gelato shop and savor some unique ice cream flavors (black sesame, Buontalenti, and more!).

Customizable Food Tours in Florence According to Your Needs

Kindly note that the Florence food itinerary is subject to change according to seasonality, time of the day and/or any personal preferences.

These are some of the additional food tours we created for our clients over the years to satisfy their requests. Please visit our parent company, Foods of Florence, to discover more:

  • Coffee Lovers Tour at an artisanal coffee roaster shop in Florence with coffee and pastries tasting;
  • Wine Tasting in an aristocratic ancient palazzo in Florence by a famous sommelier;
  • Produce Market visit with a Michelin-starred chef followed by a private cooking class;
  • Gelato Tasting guided by one of the oldest gelato makers in town in his shop, behind closed doors.
Different kinds of bread on display at a bakery in Florence

Why Is FFT‘s Florence Food Tour So Special?

We understand there are many companies offering food tours in Florence, but what makes us truly stand out from the competition is:

  • Professional local guides who know everything about the foods and culinary traditions of Florence (but speak English really well);
  • We only take you to the places where we’d go! Customers are our top priority and with us, you will have an authentic culinary experience in Florence;
  • Our company believes in a sustainable future. As a matter of fact, we take our customers only to small, local spots that follow the slow-food movement.

Pictures of Some of the Dishes from Our Food Tour in Florence

During the Food Tour in Florence, you will taste the best and most authentic traditional Tuscan foods.

Further Information for Our Food Tour in Florence

In order to make this tour an unforgettable one, please specify in the booking form if you have any preferences so that we can personalize accordingly.

We can accommodate dietary restrictions (vegan or vegetarian), allergies or any other need (e.g. alcohol free, gluten free).

We can also combine our Food Tour with the Alta Moda Tour or Vintage Fashion Tour.

Contact FFT Florence Fashion Tour in Florence

Contact FFT in Florence for further information about our fashion services.

We would be happy to answer all of your questions regarding our services in Florence or online.

You can also call our office in Florence directly at +39 3383823126.

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