Discover Sustainable Fashion in Florence, Italy

Italians are keen on trying to reduce their footprint and Florence burst with sustainable fashion, shops and brands to know.

The industry of fashion is credited as one of the most polluting, yet many Italian and Florentine fashion brands are working hard to change their unsustainable practices.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative: Vintage Shopping

As Italians know, buying pre-owned pieces is the most sustainable way of shopping. When buying secondhand, you increase fashion circularity, reducing the garment’s carbon footprint.

Moreover, most vintage clothes are of better quality than regular stores, because clothing used to be made to last, so these clothes are usually more durable.

You can have a look at the best vintage markets in Florence here or check out our Vintage Shopping Tour. This tour is a fun fashion and sustainability class combined together!

An eco-friendly t-shirt at a store in Florence

Fix and Repair Your Clothes

Repairing our clothes is incredibly important for the planet, since lengthening the life of our clothing has a positive environmental effect.

Italians always take their clothes to the local tailoring shop to fix or alter a garment that broke or that needs to be updated. This is a wonderful way to be more conscious and save money too instead of shopping for new things!

Shop Local and Invest in Items to Last Forever

Italy is a country that prides itself on its skilled artisans and fashion designers, working with any materials. As a matter of fact, Italians love investing in quality over quantity for their wardrobes, preferring items that will last forever.

Shopping at local stores instead of mass low-cost chains makes a wonderful contribution to our planet.

We adore stopping by at Tiche Clothing Store on our Local Fashion Tour. Tiche is a sustainable womenswear brand where everything from their textiles to the design process is 100% sustainable.

Tiche clothing store in Florence

We hope you enjoyed reading about the best three tips for sustainable fashion! We offer a wide variety of experiences for you to enjoy fashion authentically in Florence or online.

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