The Best Women’s Clothing Boutiques in Florence, Italy

Italian fashion has a long history and tradition in the city. In Florence, over the years, several independent local designers have set up their women’s clothing boutiques.

Here you can have fun shopping for amazing handmade Florentine fashion and find unforgettable outfits.

Don’t miss these spots when you visit the city of Reinassance: these are the ideal destinations for any fashion lover!

Fine Italian Tailoring at Tiziana Alemanni in Florence

Tiziana Alemanni, Sdrucciolo de’ Pitti, 20r, 50125 Florence

Tiziana Alemanni is a Sicily native fashion designer known internationally for her stylistic ability and versatility. Starting in her family-run business dedicated to knitwear production, she then started her own brand and moved her atelier to Florence. In her studio, a couple of steps away from Palazzo Pitti, she conceptualizes, designs and produces ready-to-wear collections for women. Pass by her shop and admire flamboyant cocktail and evening dresses in excellent Made in Italy fabrics. 

Florentine Designer Mrs Macis and Her Colorful Dresses

Mrs Macis, Borgo Pinti, 38, 50121 Florence

You can’t miss the workshop of the talented Carla Macis in Florence. This eye-catching boutique, dollhouse-like, specializes in feminine retro clothes made from new and recycled fabrics. Every piece is unique and fabulous. Carla, who is originally from Cagliari, has been living in Florence for 33 years, the only place she can get inspiration from, as she likes to say. Her collections are for confident women with a strong personality: women who want to play with irony and good taste. 

A Florentine girl wears a trendy yellow dress

Handmade Everyday Clothes at Essere Atelier

Essère Atelier, Via dei Pandolfini, 7/r, 50122 Florence

Essère Atelier is a women’s fashion boutique based in the heart of Florence. The boutique offers high-quality, one-of-a-kind clothing for every day, as well as some accessories. Ilaria, the store owner, in her own atelier, carefully chooses the materials and colors of her creations. Alterations are done in-store, and custom orders can be made for special occasions.

Handcrafted Luxury Clothing and Leather Goods at Atelier C

Atelier C., Via della Spada, 38R, 50123 Florence

Atelier C is a unique space located in Florence’s historic center, from an idea of Alice Caporali and Marco Contiello. The store consists of several spaces: the leather goods room at the entrance, the backspace devoted to clothing, and another room where exclusive and elegant furnishing objects are displayed. All creations are strictly made by hand and represent the most authentic Made-in-Italy quality. Alice and Marco are talented designers and create beautiful outfits for their customers to complement their personalities.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the best women’s clothing boutiques in Florence, Italy!

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