Best Shops to Buy Quality Italian Coats in Florence, Italy

Coats are a staple item for both women and men, particularly during winter and fall.

Florence has plenty of options, there are several shops where to buy Italian quality coats in Florence.

Sartorial Made in Italy Coats at Principe Firenze

Principe di Firenze, Via del Sole, 2, 50123 Florence

Principe di Firenze is synonymous with Florentine elegance. I can always find Made in Italy and classy coats here. They’re investment pieces, but I know I can cherish them forever. Principe is an institution in the city: many Florentines have been going here for generations.”

“I love to go to vintage markets in Florence and browse through endless options for coats. Over the years I scored vintage designer pieces for less than 50 euros. I recommend going if you have a limited budget, but want a quality item indeed.”

A woman with a checkered coat

Tiche, Sustainable Coats Made of Leftover Fabrics in Florence

Tiche, Via S. Zanobi, 122R, 50129 Florence

Tiche is a slow-fashion brand, where every piece is the result of thoughtful and patient work. I go here to search for sustainable clothing, including coats. They use high-quality, overstock fabrics leftover from the production of luxury fashion brands. Everything they make is in limited quantities, so you better hurry up!”

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