Simone Taddei, One of the Best Leather Artisans in Florence

One of the best leather artisans in Florence, Italy, is Simone Taddei.

We love stopping at Simone’s shop in Via Santa Margherita 11, in Florence. He is one of the last real leather masters in the city.

Leather craftsman Simone Taddei explains his work to a group in Florence

Experienced and Kind Leather Master in Florence

Simone still uses the same tools as his grandfather, who established the shop in 1937.

He always welcomes everyone with warmth and willingness to share his knowledge.

You should stop by the next time you’re in Florence. In fact, his shop is a must-see for all those people who wish to discover the world of authentic Florentine craftsmanship.

The tools of an artisan in Florence

The Best Handmade Leather Goods at Simone’s Shop in Florence

His production includes handmade leather boxes, coin cases, desk sets, and more. He follows an ancient traditional technique, covering with leather stripes wooden molds.

Making a simple coin case can take him up to one month because he is a perfectionist at what he does. This work is extremely complicated and requires a lot of knowledge.

Leather bag in the making during one of our artisan tours in Florence

Carrying on the Florentine Leather Making Craft

Taddei has recently collaborated with Dolce & Gabbana, making some leather cases for their Menswear show in Florence this past September.

What do you like the most about your job? We asked: “I like the fact that I can carry on my family’s tradition and contribute to the city with my art. Yes, I think working with leather is an art that in Florence very few people now really understand“.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Simone, one of the best leather artisans in Florence, Italy. You can visit his workshop during FFT‘s Artisan Tour in Florence.

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