The Best Men’s Fashion Stores in Florence, Italy

In Florence, there are plenty of unique men’s fashion stores. Local fashion designers and artists establish their businesses in the city, attracting an international clientele. 

Tailors, bespoke shoe makers, fashion designers, vintage collectors and so much more: in Florence you will find everything you need for your stylish outfits.

Do not miss these stores when you visit Florence: they are the ideal destination for any men’s fashion lover!

Fine Italian Men’s Tailoring at Liverano and Liverano in Florence

Liverano & Liverano, Via dei Fossi, 43, 50123 Florence

This extraordinary tailor shop is located in the heart of Florence, with the exact same storefront since it first opened in the 1960s. It embodies the Florentine tailoring tradition: true artisans working with the same techniques, tools, and raw materials that others have for generations before them. History is palpable here.

They are passionate about their craft and  represent the best in Italian and Florentine tailoring and the “Made in Italy” label.

Ugolini: Men’s Bespoke Shoes in Florence

Ugolini, Via della Chiesa, 4r, 50125 Florence

Mr. Ugolini is a true bespoke shoemaker from Florence, Italy, who operates out of his store in Via della Chiesa, near the Santo Spirito church.

Although Mr. Ugolini has been in the trade for years, the family shoemaking tradition reaches much further back. His great grandfather, grandfather and father were all shoemakers.  Roberto used to do all kinds of work on shoes, including ordinary repair, until 1995, when he decided focus exclusively on bespoke and custom shoes.

Elegant men's suits on a rack

Desii: Men’s Vintage Clothing Boutique

Desii Vintage, Via dei Conti, 17, 50123 Florence

Opened for the first time in 1947, the shop was born with the desire to offer the best selection of men’s vintage footwear and clothing.

At Desii Vintage you will find excellent second-hand classic clothing with a mix of trendy and urban accessories for him.

Eredi Chiarini: Pure Florentine Style

Eredi Chiarini, Via Porta Rossa, 33/red, 50123 Florence

A few steps from Ponte Vecchio, the Eredi Chiarini Firenze store offers a complete and personalized shopping experience that has its roots in the centuries-old history of a Florentine family, capable of interpreting the style of true gentlemen in an authentic and original way.

Here you will put your hands on the best collections of men’s clothing and accessories, housed in three sales areas: one for the casual style, one for the classic style and one, reserved and intimate, dedicated to made-to-measure clothing.  

We hope you enjoyed reading about the best men’s fashion boutiques in Florence, Italy!

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