Find Your Wedding Dress in Florence, Italy

If you’re dreaming about the perfect wedding dress, Florence, Italy is the perfect place for that. The city boasts haute couture ateliers, tailoring studios, fashion boutiques, and more.

Atelier Emé: Contemporary Wedding Dresses in Florence

Whether you are looking for the perfect wedding dress or formal dress for a special event, the Atelier Emé in Florence is the right place for you. Elegant and classy garments, sewn with high-quality materials and embellished with refined details. At their bridal boutique in Florence, there is no shortage of impeccable designs, guaranteed to bring your wedding day vision to life.

Anna Fucà Atelier: Bespoke Wedding Dresses in Florence, Italy

The process of getting a bespoke wedding dress by Anna Fucà is one of its own. Following ancient tailoring techniques, Anna creates unique pieces that will make your special day an unforgettable one. Whatever concept or idea you have for your dress, Anna will sketch it and hand-sew it for you.

The tasteful detail of a wedding dress

La Sposa di Firenze in Florence, Italy

If you’re a bit more traditional, we suggest going to La Sposa di Firenze. This is the place where generations and generations of Florentine brides-to-be choose their wedding dresses. The staff is so friendly and accommodating; they will make sure you get what you wish for!

Max Mara Bridal Collection at Max Mara Florence Boutique

A lover of high fashion? Then Max Mara Bridal Collection is the one for you! Have fun trying on haute couture bridal dresses from this famous high-fashion house while sipping champagne at their Florence location.  

A gorgeous wedding dress hangs from a tree in Tuscany

We hope you enjoyed reading about the best wedding boutiques and ateliers in Florence, Italy!

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