The Best Perfumeries and Perfume Shops in Florence, Italy

There are several historic perfumeries and perfume shops in Florence that maintain their original appearance, places where you can breathe magical air.
The city boasts a long history of perfumes and spices: handmade soaps, creams, ambient perfumes and body fragrances are ideal souvenirs that are truly unique and particular to Florence, so don’t miss this itinerary! 

Santa Maria Novella: An Historic Pharmacy in the Heart of Florence

Santa Maria Novella, Via della Scala, 16, 50123 Florence

SMN, or Santa Maria Novella, is a luxury apothecary in Florence, credited with being the world’s oldest.

The origins of the shop’s pharmaceutical products can be traced back to the monastery of the Dominican Order connected to the adjacent Church of Santa Maria Novella, where monks began experimenting with garden plants to create herbal concoctions starting in 1221.

Since then, Santa Maria Novella’s retail operations have expanded rapidly and now include 75 shops worldwide, such as the United States, Japan, and South Africa. Don’t miss their rose water, the secret of all Florentine women to have glowy skin!

Bespoke Fragrance Experience at Sileno Cheloni in Florence

Sileno Cheloni, Via di S. Niccolò, 72R, 50125 Florence

Master Perfumer Sileno Cheloni established his fragrance lab in Florence, in the lively San Niccolò neighborhood. Trained in Cyprus’s Island, he produces personalized perfumes and boasts collaborations with Gucci, Lamborghini, and Richard Ginori.

Clients include celebrities from entertainment and politics, like Oscar winner actress Hellen Mirren, who is a regular at Sileno’s.

Going into the shop, watching Sileno creating, through a set of ampoules and containers with 1500 pure essences and some of the rarest raw materials in the world, is something you have to experience!

Handcrafted perfumes on display in a trendy shop in Florence

Acquaflor: a Secret Apothecary inside an Ancient Florentine Palazzo

Acquaflor, Borgo Santa Croce, 6, 50122 Florence

Aquaflor in Florence is a maison de parfum, located in an ancient Renaissance palace in the Santa Croce district. The Aquaflor collections, inspired by artistic perfumery, comprise perfumes, colognes, moisturizing waters, room fragrances, candles, and so on.

We particularly enjoy going into their soap bar room and try and smell everything! The soap bars in candy colors are lovely to collect and display in your bathroom!

You can even join one of their exclusive classes downstairs: they offer a guided tour of their laboratory ending with an interactive perfumery workshop. 

Fragrance Museum in Florence at Lorenzo Villoresi’s Maison

Lorenzo Villoresi, Via de’ Bardi 12, Florence

Villoresi founded his perfume house after completing his degree in philosophy and spending years traveling and studying raw materials.

Production is carried out internally and requires meticulous attention to detail and an ongoing quest for the highest quality. The boutique is an evocative space that also hosts a fragrance museum, a must-see for curious visitors.

Visiting Lorenzo Villoresi is a unique experience, made lovely by skilled staff who will guide you on a fragrant journey of discovery.

The Perfume of Florence by Acqua di Firenze

Acqua di Firenze, Via delle Belle Donne 15b, Florence

My favorite place to pick up new scents is Acqua di Firenze, which means “Water of Florence”, an independent perfumery.

Their all-natural fragrances embody the spirit of the city and the packaging is super cool and old-fashioned.

As you stroll by their shop, you’ll catch a whiff of their signature floral perfumes, inspired by the city of Florence: the Inferno, which takes its name from Dante’s Divine Comedy or the Primavera, inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s masterpiece.  

We hope you enjoyed reading about the best perfume shops in Florence, Italy!

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