Tours and Courses Prices

Caterina Fashion Tour 109 euro
Eleonora Fashion Tour 89 euro
Isabella Fashion Tour 79 euro
PDF Itinerary 29 euro
Fashion Courses (in person or at a distance) 4 hours
109 euro

*get in touch with us to know the hourly rate

Supplementary service:

  • Taxi pick-up: + 30 euro
  • Shipping: It depends on the volume of the item. From +20 up to +200 euro.
  • Meal arrangement: + 20 euro
  • Tailoring Service: It depends on the alterations. From +20 up to +200 euro.
  • Language assistance: + 30 euro


Payments can be made in advance through credit card and paypal or in cash in person before the tour/class starts (please bring exact change).
The shops and showrooms we visit also accept credit cards and cash to make it convenient for you. Checks are generally not accepted.