Where to Shop for Artisanal Products in Florence, Italy

In Florence, there are plenty of options for shopping so it is crucial to know where to shop for the best artisanal products in the city. At Florence Fashion Tour, we have created a round up of the most authentic places to buy high quality artisans’ pieces!
Mio Concept Store in Florence

Mio Concept Store: Unique Handmade Gifts in the Heart of Florence

Mio Concept Store, Via della Spada, 34R, 50123 Firenze 

This store is like no other, a shop-gallery where you’ll find the most original street art, handmade jewelry, environmentally conscious gifts, and much more.

Every person is different and so are Mio’s one-of-a-kind jewelry, sunglasses and accessories. Every creation is handmade in Italy by artisans who are passionate about their craft.

Support the local creatives and purchase beautifully crafted objects designed in harmony with the natural world at Mio, in Florence.

The window display at Florence Factory, an artisans' concept store in Florence

Florence Factory, the Shop of Florentine Contemporary Artisans and Designers

Florence Factory – Craftsmanship Curating, Via dei Neri, 6-8 rosso, 50122 Firenze

Another place you can’t miss in Florence is Florence Factory! They regularly select emerging designers and contemporary artisans to create collections with a high level of design and craftsmanship. Any object you find at Florence Factory represents the finest meaning of Made in Italy.

Additionally, Florence Factory aims at spreading the culture of craftsmanship, design, independent and limited production. Through the shop, designers and artisans connect with customers passionate about design and high craftsmanship

Inside this concept-store, dedicated to contemporary local productions, you will find amazing objects designed or made by Tuscan or Italian designers and available in limited quantities. All products can be custom-made, creating pieces that speak about us, instead of speaking for us.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the best stores where to shop for artisanal products in Florence, Italy!

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